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But it is not your enemy either.

Anxiety is not your friend: It can stalk you in the background with a deep sense of unease that impairs concentration and productivity. Or, it can hijack you full on with a pounding heart, sweaty palms, shaking hands and weak limbs.

Your thinking becomes imbued with fear while your temper may flare unexpectedly.

Like a virus, anxiety infects you, your relationships and your ability to function effectively.

Anxiety can come upon you rapidly “out of the blue” or before or after a dreaded event.

When your life is so impacted, seeking relief is the goal.

Anxiety is not your enemy either:

Anxiety is like a smoke alarm in the brain, not the problem itself.

It is a signal, not the cause of your discomfort. A beeping within your emotional system sounding the alarm, there is a threat here, pay attention!

Working with individuals and couples and their unique situations, I help clients pay attention to their alarm signals and reclaim themselves from the noise of their anxiety and fear, no matter how it manifests in their lives.

Beyond techniques and tools, of which I employ many, I am a well-seasoned therapist with a deep regard for how much a person can feel they have lost while in the grip of anxiety, and the freedom they gain as they loosen that grip and then dispense with it in our work together.

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