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Be Anxiety & Fear Free with “Virtual Reality Therapy”

No ordinary treatment, this leading system from the US offers full sensory immersive programs for Phobias such as fear of flying / public speaking / elevators / storms / heights / bridges / or social anxiety addictions; PTSD, Relaxation

How does it work?

A client wears a head mounted device which creates a lifelike stereoscopic view of a given challenging or relaxing environment with a motion sensor that adjusts the scene corresponding to the clients head movement.

For example, turning one’s head brings into view an airport; people online at check in and so forth. Headphones also correspond to such head movement​ with stereo sound.​

A comfortable vibrating chair simulates movement during, say, takeoff and landing scenarios, while a virtual flight may be smooth or turbulent.

The level of exposure is at the clients pace. For example, a cozy room on a calm, bright, sunny day may only slowly invite in wind, rain and thunder. The process can be controlled at every point by Dr Melanie or the client.

Levels of intensity can always be adjusted. A public speaking scene can be adjusted for the size and attentiveness of a bored or friendly audience looking at you expectantly as your stomach begins to flutter.

Client’s work with Dr Melanie before and after their virtual sessions to deepen their experience, develop individualized coping strategies and future pace upcoming challenges.

Call Dr Melanie on 2575 7707 to take advantage of an introductory discounted rate. Your questions are welcome.

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