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Changing Lifestyles


Lifestyle Changes

A significant lifestyle change may be perceived as exhilarating or debilitating, eagerly embraced, or deeply resented and resisted. It may come as a welcome overseas posting, or as an unwelcome upheaval from family, friends and professional supports to a country on the Travel Advisory list.

A radical career change, a midlife crisis, a medical diagnosis, becoming a step-parent, leaving your partner, post-divorce dilemmas, or simply being ready to take your destiny into your own hands, all pose challenges and opportunities to redesign a life that will be enjoyable, deeply satisfying, and fully in line with your needs and values.

Changing Lifestyles coaching is squarely aimed at the self-empowerment taking charge of your life can engender. Its focus is on assisting you to discover how to use the changing circumstances of your life for your own growth and self-enhancement.

To define and redesign the kind of life and lifestyle that would give you maximum zest, enthusiasm, and the freedom to pursue what is important to you. In other words, to thrive, “to rise to the occasion of your life circumstances and utilize them to create a more authentic and meaningful life” (Paul Pearsall).

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