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Squarely aimed at self-empowerment, the goal of a coaching partnership is to help a person tap into, and actualize, their deepest vision of who they are.

Coaching happens when you are trying to achieve something that seems out of your reach, that moves you beyond your existing skill level, knowledge or comfort zone. A coach acts as your thinking partner and facilitator in this endeavor, planning s t r e t c h goals collaboratively, to enable you to move along the path of your choice, in order to create results for a richer, more fulfilling present and future.A coach offers focus, guidance, support, challenge, structure, ideas and materials in order to enable a client to discover and then actualize their personal and professional potentials and possibilities. I coach by listening actively, endorsing, validating, creating strategies and asking questions which clarify and foster thinking outside the proverbial ‘box’.

I will encourage you to take positive action while creating the time and space for bringing your goals to the top of your agenda. In coaching, life is a verb.

How is Coaching Different from Good Therapy?

People usually seek therapy to resolve a difficult situation, overcome a fear, change a self-devaluing behavior or pattern of interaction, or overcome a personal or professional problem. When the problem is resolved, or the specified therapeutic goals are realized, the therapy is considered complete.

Coaching, on the other hand, is not problem focused. Coaching is fully future-oriented, providing a context in which to imagine and then to manifest a more fulfilling life, however you define it. Basically a Changing Lifestyles or Divorce / Post-Divorce coach helps you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

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