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Some people would rather have a root canal than seek therapy.

They see therapy as a sign of weakness. Quite the contrary; it is a sign of strength.

And therapy with Dr Melanie is an active, collaborative, interactive and dynamic process.

It is grounded in an individual’s or couples unique needs and goals. Dr Melanie’s extensive, broad-based training and experience is laced with a sharp sense of humor and supportive, creative compassion.

When repeated efforts to change result in more discontent for you and in your relationships, therapy or therapeutic coaching is the smart choice.

We all want to lead more contented, healthier, and productive lives, yet often anxiety, protracted anger or depression interfere with our sense of emotional well-being. When you’re finding it difficult to concentrate, you worry or are on edge most of the time, a qualified, non-pathological, non-judgmental and experienced therapist can be instrumental in getting your life back on track.

All the more so when fear of flying or public speaking are holding you back professionally; while drinking excessively, smoking or using drugs will take a toll on the quality of your life and are a clear sign therapy is a wise choice.

And when navigating ongoing relationship conflicts, an infidelity upheaval or divorce and post-divorce challenges, work with Dr Melanie can be truly helpful.

My work with people is informed by and combines elements of many diverse psychotherapy approaches, including but not limited to the following: Solution-oriented Therapy; Ericksonian Hypnotherapy; Relational Life Therapy, Internal Family Systems; Narrative Therapy; EMDR, EFT, CBT, Esther Perel; John and Julie Goldman’s couples training’s and Mindfulness Practices including Shamatha & Vipassana.

Contact Dr Melanie on 2575 7707 or on  WhatsApp +852 6050 7757 to help you not only resolve problems and acquire better coping skills, but to change your mind and keep the change.

Practicalities: One hour sessions are by appointment, although more time can be booked.

Payment is by cash, check or credit card via PayPal.

Four session packages at a discount, with no expiration limit, are an option after the initial session.

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