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Emotional Freedom Technique


Emotional Freedom Technique


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a new and innovative approach to healing that integrates aspects of modern western science and psychotherapy with the ancient Chinese art of acupressure. It can be thought of as an emotional form of acupuncture (without the needles at least) or psychological acupressure based on the revolutionary contention that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.

Although many people encountering EFT for the first time find it strange or ‘flakey’, its results for a wide range of conditions can be remarkable. Many health professionals worldwide who originally were skeptical, have begun to incorporate EFT into their medical or psychological practices. Although it is not yet fully known how EFT works, it is known that the stimulation of acupuncture points produces physical change by altering the body’s electrical activity. “Unlike psychiatric medication, which catalyzes changes through its effects on the brain’s biochemistry, energy psychology techniques have been shown to bring about changes in brain-wave patterns, and these changes correspond with a reduction of symptoms” (D. Feinstein) Thus it appears that combining the power of a focused mind with the intrinsic balancing effects of acupressure merely by tapping on certain energy meridian points can bring about an emotional tuning and quieting that is rapid and usually long lasting.

It is also easy and painless. Once a client is focused on their issues at hand, by simply tapping with the fingertips on specific body locations the negative emotional components of a chosen memory, event, circumstance, situation or self-devaluing belief can be removed. In addition, removing the emotional aspect of a physical problem often reduces or eliminates the physical discomfort as well.

If you think of a negative emotion as a hardening of an artery which compromises the brain/body’s ability to direct energy effectively, the application of EFT removes the blockage so internal energy can ‘flow’ more easily and smoothly. You can think clearly and respond more resourcefully. . As hard as it is to believe, the rapidity by which EFT can help many conditions is a testament to the inherent healing powers we all possess.

EFT is an ideal self-help technique as it is easy to learn and quick to apply (see chart). It can also facilitate more rapid resolution of long-standing psycho/social issues in work with a skilled therapist.

It integrates well with hypnotherapy because it integrates the subtle energies within the body with the reassociation of experiences and ideas typical of hypnotic work. It also offers the advantage of getting to issues and resolving them faster in MindMatters therapy.

Overall, EFT is an excellent tool for the general problems and stresses of living, and can be utilized to enhance self-image and overcome limiting beliefs about one’s personal or professional possibilities.

EFT Can be Used to Treat:
•The Emotional Component of Physical Distress: ALL Fears & Phobias
•Headaches Chronic Fatigue Asthma
•Back Pain Allergies Snoring Traumatic Memories
•Insomnia Constipation Joint Pains War, Accidents, Rape
•Psoriasis Irritable Bowel PMS PTSD
•Enhance Your Self-Image, Improve Personal & Professional Performance & Motivation, Weight Control, etc.

Please remember that EFT is a tool whose power and efficiency is in removing the emotional aspects of a problem. It does not replace the need and value in seeking professional help from qualified medical professionals or psychologists.

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