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Being With Stress

Living with Stress

Stress is a fact of modern life. Yet many of us shrug it off without thinking of the long term impact, or without giving sufficient priority to the need to manage it in our daily lives. Stress has many sources, from being stuck in rush hour, to domestic and relationship difficulties, to money and job worries.

Through a series of sessions I work with you to identify your own personal stress profile, and to become aware of how your mind and emotions respond in different situations, teaching you a variety of proven techniques for managing stress before and as it occurs.

Identifying your particular sources of stress, which stem from your interpretations of, and feelings about these situations, is the first step to resolving them. Becoming aware of how your mind works is also critical for harnessing your ability to make more creative decisions, and to manifesting a calmer, healthier and more satisfying life for yourself and those around you.

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