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My Approach


Dr. Melanie's Approach


I am direct, insightful, practical, honest, witty and quick to appreciate Client’s life situations and the pressures impinging upon them.

I invite my clients to interact with me, and certainly to disagree with me. If appropriate I give out articles that may be helpful and often give homework, but not always. Everything depends on the needs of the individual and couple.

I believe it is essential to co-create a therapeutic relationship that offers my clients insightful understanding and strategies that best help them achieve their goals as quickly and beneficially as possible.

My extensive training in a broad range of well established therapeutic methods allows me to tailor my approach to the unique needs and goals of each client.

In general I am present to future focused in my thinking, typically seek to identify and utilize each clients individual strengths, and seek to make each session as helpful and fruitful as possible.

During our initial consultation, in person or online, I will gather information on a client’s goals, their attempted solutions, how they currently ‘do’ their problem, the consequences of maintaining their current situation, the benefits of their desired change, plus questions particular to the beliefs surrounding their situation.

Both goal-orientated therapy, personal development, and coaching work are of significant value, and our initial choices will be driven by the situations, needs and goals of the client.

With couples, the circumstances leading to the appointment, their communication styles, and patterns of interaction will be explored, what is currently working, and what is not, in their relationship, and of course their mutual and individual hopes, fears and goals.

Even single issue therapy such as quitting smoking, or becoming a confident speaker or comfortable flier can touch on complex issues that may not be initially considered.

However, I believe it is best to begin with the most achievable goals and only go to deeper issues, if necessary, when a client is feeling more confident and empowered.

Having an inquiring and experienced therapeutic mind does facilitate effective change work.

During my many years of practice, I have also drawn on the arts and my own creativity. The cultural richness of my life as an ex-pat has also helped me to connect with a wide range of clients from all walks of life. I would say that the core of my practice is respect for each person’s human dignity, regardless or race, culture, or sexual orientation.

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