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Resolving Panic Attacks


The symptoms can strike without warning: the heart races, pain pierces the chest, dizziness, nausea, trembling and smothering sensations can flood the body.

Gripped by an intense feeling of imminent doom, a person may slip into a state of confusion, sweating out their worst fears of a heart attack, certain they are about to die. A person in the grip of a panic attack can feel very much alone.

Panic attacks and the anticipatory fear of having another one can profoundly disrupt a person’s life.

It is not unusual for suffers to develop phobias, and attendant avoidance of places associated with the onset of an attack, such as a marketplace, escalators or bridges or planes.

Fortunately, even the most severe cases of panic disorder can be treated by a psychologist experienced in this area.

These include counter-intuitive mind-body techniques, hypnotherapy and other relaxation strategies to alter automatic fear-based responses. Cognitive therapy can be useful to change assumptions that cause anxiety, and the habits that accompany the attacks. Alternative methods such as NLP and EFT among others are also effective.

As each client is unique in how their panic developed and is maintained Dr. Melanie employs a range of individualized approaches to resolution of their panic attacks, aligned with their goals and life-style requirements.

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