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Learn Self Hypnosis for Study and Exams



As an undergraduate at New York University I learned self-hypnosis for studying and taking exams. I used this technique, which focuses on harnessing the abilities of the unconscious mind, quite successfully throughout undergraduate and graduate school and never once blocked on an exam. Quite the contrary, I had effective recall of what I had studied and remained calm during exams when other students around me were riddled with test-taking anxiety. Subsequently I have taught this easy to learn self-hypnosis technique to students and adults of all ages who have also reported good results using it.

Typically I meet with each client for one 45-60 minute session in which I gather information about how the client currently studies, any psychological and/or physiological blocks interfering with studying or exam taking and address those as best I can prior to, and in constructing the individualized part of the protocol.

I then teach my proprietary self-hypnosis technique and take the client through it during an actual hypnosis session, so they have a direct experience of how to put themselves into a hypnotic state. The actual experience of the self-hypnosis is very important, and quite rewarding.

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