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Stop smoking quickly and comfortably.

Many people desire to stop smoking yet feel powerless to do so, given the momentary pleasure or relief they derive from cigarettes.

My flexible approach to helping people give up their habit recognizes and respects the various satisfactions smoking can provide and seeks to develop alternative behaviors which offer equal or better short and long-term satisfactions. I have found hypnotherapy to be a particularly effective method for enabling people to stop smoking quickly and comfortably.

This is not surprising as hypnosis is a gentle and creative means to bypass or extend learned limitations of the conscious mind, develop dormant potentials and introduce new understandings and perspectives within a context of security and comfort. In clinical hypnosis an altered state of concentrated attention is gently facilitated, with the client’s attention progressively narrowed and purposefully focused inward, with the aim of altering the psychological and behavioral patterns around their smoking behavior.

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Here’s what some of Dr Melanie’s clients have to say about this service:

– Just a note to say that after seeing you a month ago to quit smoking, I left your office and haven’t touched one since. The big test was with my partner who is a heavy smoker (and who I usually steal from if I don’t have my own cigarettes). He smoked all evening and I didn’t feel the slightest urge to ‘steal’. I drove past the garage where I usually bought mine, no urge to go in. My last big test was the first weekend out with my friends socially. Not a hiccup even with a drink in my hand.

I admit that when one of my friends ( who had also successfully been to see you ) said it would work , I had my doubts but it was as he said, a chat and it changed everything. Thanks again. Partner will be seeing you soon!

– Almost 5 weeks of not smoking after seeing you and so far so good. The big test was the weekend when I went to Bangkok on a stag weekend and did not touch a ciggy. It’s almost the opposite at the moment and the thought of smoking again almost repulses me ! long may it continue !


– I am now 2 months free of cigarettes and have just spent two weeks in Australia for Xmas and NYE and am still repulsed by the idea of ever having a smoke again ! I would like to think the worst is behind me now.

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