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Relationship Conflict


Relationship Conflict


If you and your partner are stuck in an escalating pattern of blame and counter blame, as an expert couples therapist Dr. Melanie guides couples who have tried and failed to resolve their conflict ridden issues to affirm their mutual needs as a couple.

She has helped couples of all sexual orientations put anger and resentment aside to communicate more effectively.

Her aim is to resolve a couple’s impasses in self affirming and productive ways towards the goal of a more fulfilling partnership.

In a safe and confidential environment, alternative understandings, renewed connections and potential solutions can be created that actually work for both partners.

Signs your relationship could do with a tune up:

  • The unrelenting strain of HK living is bringing simmering relationship conflicts to the surface that are not easily resolved;
  • Careers involving much travel plus other work and family pressures are overshadowing personal priorities;
  • Conversely, due to Covid-19, being obliged to spend a great deal of time together at home comes with an abundance of challenges.
  • An over-zealous attachment to one’s own viewpoints are adding to your strain, triggering power struggles that lead to a downwards spiral;
  • Silence and conflict avoidance are only increasing your frustration.

Dr Melanie works both with the couple and with each individual, as necessary. Flexibility, creativity and humor coupled with a wide range of therapeutic methods particular to the individuals she is working with is a hallmark of her approach.

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