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Dr-Melanie-Bryan has passion for igniting human potentialA long term Hong Kong Resident with a genuine passion for igniting human potential, Melanie Bryan has probably enabled more clients to live more fulfilling lives than any other professional in her field in Asia. She believes that we all have the latent potential to overcome the challenges we face in life, and in over twenty years of practice, has developed a unique set of techniques to accelerate the process.

A highly experienced clinical psychologist and couples therapist, she is also a Collaborative Law Practitioner and active member of the principal US and Hong Kong based professional societies in her field.

Melanie is an expert in clinical hypnotherapy, having studied extensively with some of the foremost practitioners in the world of this fascinating field, and has also been practicing mindfulness based meditation for over 15 years.
A certified coach, Melanie is passionate about applying her extensive experience to coach clients through parenting, divorce and relationship issues, and also to improve their performance in study and work.

She has worked with adolescents, individuals, couples, and senior executives, as well as corporate clients and health maintenance organisations, leaving her clients inspired and equipped to take action to increase their success in achieving their personal goals, contributing positively to their workplace, and society at large.

A lifelong learner, she is well versed in the latest techniques such as Emotional Freedom Therapy (“EFT”), Eye Movement Desensitation (“EMDR”), Narrative Therapy, Structural/Strategic Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (“CBT”) amongst others.

Melanie has been practicing mindfulness-based meditation daily for 15 years. She teaches this practice to interested clients and offers them a CD she recorded to facilitate their mindfulness experience, which has countless studies validating it’s benefits (see Being with Stress).

Melanie loves walking, hiking (even in humidity), traveling, reading, studying, wine, art, theater and keeping fit. She is actively involved with the Royal Geographical Society, sits on their Committee and actively participates in nearly all their lectures.

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Further Training:

  • September 2013: HIMS (Human Intervention Motivation Study) training seminar, Denver, Colorado
  • May 2013: Motivational Interviewing Workshop with Dr. Stephen Rollnick, one of its founders
  • June 2013: Advanced Motivational Interviewing with Dr. Joel Porter, international MI teacher

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