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Hypnotherapy / Hypnosis


Unlock the Power of Therapeutic Hypnosis with Dr. Melanie Bryan at Mind Matters!

Contrary to movie portrayals, hypnosis isn’t about falling asleep; you’ll remain aware, and your mind will engage. If you’re trapped in repetitive, challenging behavior patterns, therapeutic hypnosis offers a dynamic solution by accessing the unconscious mind’s untapped potential.

Dr. Melanie specializes in hypnosis for various concerns,, public speaking, flying anxiety,  weight loss , smoking cessation, confidence enhancement, and performance improvement in sports or intimacy.. Whether it’s managing anxiety, or anger, or for pain control, Dr. Melanie’s extensive training as a clinical psychologist ensures a safe and effective experience.

While basic hypnosis training falls short, Dr. Melanie’s in-depth expertise delves into unconscious processes, guaranteeing a comprehensive approach. Additionally, she empowers clients with personalized self-hypnosis techniques, reinforcing treatment goals and offering a valuable tool for ongoing success.

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many years experience as leading clinical psychologist make for a safe and effective process.

Dr. Melanie also teaches her clients individualized techniques for self-hypnosis, an empowering process to reinforce treatment goals or as a study technique.

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