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Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy / Hypnosis


Hypnosis: It’s not like in the movies. You are not asleep and you will hear most of what I say to you, although your mind will wander.

If you are stuck in repetitive, problematic patterns of behaviors that you may be unable to change, then therapeutic hypnosis can be a potent tool in bypassing the limitations of the conscious mind.

People seek hypnosis with Dr. Melanie for many different reasons, fear of public speaking, fear of flying, losing weight, quitting smoking, to increase self-confidence, or improve their sexual or sports performance. Some are suffering from general anxiety, or anxiety around specific situations. Others seek help to manage anger, or for pain control.

Training in hypnosis alone is not adequate to work with the unconscious processes that may surface during a session, which is where Dr Melanie’s extensive training and many years experience as leading clinical psychologist make for a safe and effective process.

Dr. Melanie also teaches her clients individualized techniques for self-hypnosis, an empowering process to reinforce treatment goals or as a study technique.

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